March 13, 2013

2013 Dallas All-Con

I just got back from the Dallas All-Con Science Fiction Convention and it was a fantastic experience. I also had the chance to finally sit down with Steve Erwin face to face and discuss the details of the Citizen of the Galaxy (COTG) graphic novel and how to achieve our goal with the Kickstarter project.
During All-Con my son, age 13 and I had dinner with Steve and his son, also 13 and we discussed in great detail the entire story of COTG. Everything from the setting of the planet ‘Jubbal’ to the look and dress of the ‘Free Traders’ and we even discussed which eye the beggar Baslim was missing. Through the conversation, one thing he said really stood out with me. He said; “Given that Robert A. Heinlein is considered by many to be the ‘Godfather of modern science fiction’ you’d think his work would be better represented in the costumes and displays here at the convention.”
His comment hit to the very heart of our project; to re-introduce the worlds of Robert A. Heinlein to a new generation of readers through the medium of the graphic novel. Heinlein’s influence is out there and felt in everything from Star Wars to Star Trek. For example in Citizen of the Galaxy, in the middle of the book, the two spaceships Thorby is interested in visiting are called, ‘Serenity’ and ‘Firefly’. This makes me thinks that Joss Whedon may be a Heinlein fan. 
My point is this; Heinlein’s influence and work is out there and many fans awed by these concepts and ideas. They just need to know that the man behind all these ideas is Robert A. Heinlein!
Here's a video clip from our conversation.

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