March 28, 2014

COTG Update 8

Detour Ahead...
If your are like me you hate seeing road construction marking a pending detour ahead. Especially when you are so close to your final destination. Unfortunately, that is the situation we currently find ourselves in with regards to the completion date of the Citizen of the Galaxy graphic novel. This detour pushes back our timeline by about a month and a half. I wish I could say this detour was avoidable, but it still would not change our current position on this intergalactic journey.
All we can do at this point (besides frantically work to finish the book) is offer a thousand pardons, but even then we have only come up with the few dozen below (any additional apologies in other languages from any polyglots out there would be appreciated). And as always we thank you for your patience and support.
Anteeksi - Finnish  Aasfa - Arabic Aferdersin - Turkish Aroha - Maori Asfa(Female)/ Asef (Male) - Arabic Atsiprasau - Lithuanian Bagishla - Azeri Bagisla - Azerbaijani Bebakshid - Persian Bodishi - Georgian dejé la media zorra - Faraon Dui Bu Qi - Chinese Entschuldigon - German Forlat - Swedish Goman - Japanese Het spijt me - Dutch Mujhe maaf karo(informal)/ Kshyama karen (formal) - Hindi Iarta-Ma - Romanian Izvini - Russion Izvinjavam se - Bulgaria Izvinki - Sebian Kor Thod Krub (men) Kor Thod Ka (Women) - Thai kshamikku - Malayalam Lo siento - Spanish Maaf - Indonesian Malai maaf gari deu - Nepalese Maleeshey - Libyan Mannippu' - Tamil Me Desculpe - Portuguese Mitztaer - Hebrew Mujhe maaf kardo - Indian Ni kombela ku khomeriwa - Xitsonga Oprosti - Slovenian Pardon - French Patawad - Philippine Prepáč - Slovakian Promin - Czech Przepraszam - Polish Sajnálom - Hungarian Sanskrit - Khsyamam kuru sayang maafkan saya - Malaysia Scusa - Italian signomi - Greek Síntoo - Galician Unskyld - Norvegian Uuchlaarai - Mongolian üzgünüm - Turkish Vybach 
... and Sargonese (there is no translation for "I am sorry" in the Sargon language)


  1. Missed the KS, put in an order through the VE site, looking forward to handing this to my son. And I'd rather have it right than quick. Thank you for tackling this project.

    1. Thanks for your support. The hardest part was just getting the rights!