July 16, 2014

COTG Update 11 - Ready to Ship!

I just wanted to share with everyone that our book is nearly finished printing. It is an amazing feeling to have it off my shoulders. Steve and I will be at the Moon Day conference in Dallas this weekend signing the signature copies, lithographs and original art boards. If all goes well we should start sending out the KickStarter packages by the middle of next week!
It's been a long process and a great learning experience and again I really appreciate your patience and support. I know that many of your addresses have changed so I've carved out a good part of my weekend to make sure that my KS address book is up to date. Also I would like to add that you can still order additional copies and later on lithographs and original artwork at: www.heinleinbooks.com 
We hope you enjoy!


  1. And when will we be receiving our KS books?

  2. I got my copy the other day. It looks fantastic!

    Am I correct in assuming that the unnamed Naval officer, the one to whom Thorby passes a message before learning to juggle, is Heinlein himself? (If so, nice touch!!)