November 3, 2015

COTG at the New World Conference

The New Worlds Conference - Austin, Texas October 16th and 17th
The New Worlds conference was a wonderful experience and was attended by some of the best minds in commercial space development. Topics ranged from interplanetary architecture and space law to the arts and inspiration for space exploration.

Rick Tomlinson - President, New Worlds Institute

The main emphasis of our talk involved the Heinlein Prize Trust's  child outreach programs including the "Have Space Suit Will Travel" Program and our latest effort to reintroduce the world of Heinlein to today’s youth by way of the “Citizen of the Galaxy” graphic novel. The talk was well received. Many of the questions were about our next Graphic Novel project and how they could support our next effort. 

Other speakers included: Pat Rawlings, NASA artist and concept illustrator and Janet McPhee, Ph.D., Executive Director of the SciArt Exchange.

It was a great experience and we sold out all of our graphic novels!

To find out more about the New Worlds Conference click here.

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