June 2, 2016

Off to a Great Start!!

What a great start  Not even a week yet and we are half way there! Thanks to everyone, especially our returning COTG supporters and our friends at the Heinlein Society!

I’m really excited about this campaign not just because it will help us visualize a great Heinlein story but because the fruits of this successful campaign will help bring attention the the Have Space Suit, Will Travel’  student outreach program. 

Astronaut Don Thomas heads up the HSSWT program that for years has set it’s sights on developing the next generation of space enthusiasts by encouraging students to read Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel and challenges them with lesson plans that provide discussion topics, creative writing assignments, art contests and culminates with the winning schools having a real spacesuit from the Heinlein Prize Trust visit their class or club. Following a learning activity, classes will be rewarded with a Sokol pressure suit in their school. They are allowed to touch the suit and try on the gloves. Students who participated were “extremely enthusiastic” and “thrilled to have a spacesuit to play with…” 

In the past two years the spacesuit has visited over 100 schools and was featured at a number of prestigious events and media productions with a direct audience of about 50,000 and indirect audience of millions via high profile appearances on BBC TV.  

Our HSSWT graphic novel will add another dimension to the HSSWT Program that kids of all ages can explore. The Novel will also include article by Mr. Thomas about how Heinlein inspired him to become and astronaut and his continued work to pass on Heinlein’s vision of the future.

I’m confident that we will exceed our goal. So confident that we have in place Stretch Goals that include two additional Heinlein titles that we will announce later on in this campaign. 

Again, Thanks for your support and we will see you at the finish line!

~ Eric

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