June 2, 2016

COTG Reviews

Here are some reviews for the Citizen of the Galaxy graphic novel. Granted I did ‘cherry-pick’ some of the better ones, but for the most part they we’re all pretty good. I especially loved the review we received from Pete’s Basement S8/E9. Funny and I agree with the guys that I wanted to make the graphic novel longer including more detail from the book. But we were page limited and we had to make cuts.

Graphic Policy  - Review by Pharoahmiles - Overall Rating: 9/10 Stars
Rob Lazaro and Eric Gignac have adapted this beautiful tome page by page into something that is not only as enjoyable as the original but has brought elements that readers of the original material would have never imagined. The art by Steve Erwin is at top form in this adaptation, almost harkening elements of pulp art. The team that brought this to life, know this book as intimately as many Heinlein scholars. Overall, a great adaptation that stays faithful, while highlighting the reasons why everyone who read the first time enjoyed it in the first place.

Major Spoilers  - Review by Wayne Hall - Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 

GOOD, STRONG ART - ... I particularly enjoyed the outside sequences, including the one where Thorby is flying up to Rubdek City. Good coloring and fascinating landscapes helped make me feel like I was actually there with the main character. Great work!

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