June 8, 2016

Why Illustrate a Classic?

We recently received a comment on our Facebook site and I'd thought Id share it with you and include our response.

Argyre Socrates Patras writes:
While I appreciate the concept, I have to ask WHY?
One of the great things about books is that the mind's Art Department, Special Effects Department, and Casting have unlimited budgets, and are not constrained by the real world (or two dimensional paper and ink, or film). I can't imagine any graphic novel version of any Heinlein that is going to even approach the version my head built while reading (and re-reading) them.

Our Response:
Great question! We agree that most multi-media recreations of classic science fiction tales often fall short of the book reader's imagination and nostalgic recollection. Nor would we ever claim to fully capture or equal the "genius" of Heinlein's vision and imagination in our adaptation. However, one of our primary goals in this effort is to introduce Heinlein to a new generation of reader who would not otherwise be exposed to his books and writings. Many Heinlein books have fallen out of print and getting younger readers to pick up a 300-400 page book now a days can be a tall order. However, picking up a short graphic novel might be just the right introduction to recruit a new life-long Heinlein fan. We hope Heinlein book reader will also appreciate the comic versions of the classic stories, but we accept that like many modern day movie adaptations the "new" will often always pale in comparison to the "classic". Nevertheless, we still hope it brings everyone enjoyment. 

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