April 10, 2019

Why adapt a Classic Novel into a Graphic Novel?

I realized when I started this project that for those who grew up reading Robert Heinlein's "Have Space Suit –Will Travel", I could never compete with their childhood imaginations. I've read HSSWT to my kids when they were young, and even their interpretations were different from mine but none the less surprising. I sometimes wondered if we were reading the same story. Those moments of reading and discussing the book with my kids were priceless. 

My children don't read anymore. Or at least they don't read for fun it seems. They will speed through a book on tape or hock down the highlights of a classic novel just enough to pass a test like they were gobbling down a delicious steak without taking the time to savor the flavor. But a graphic novel is an entirely different beast altogether. When they read a graphic novel, they tend to slow down and look all over the page. A graphic novel doesn't take itself too seriously, and the reader tends to relax more. Some readers get lost in the colors, the scenery or the expressions, and nowadays, everyone want's to know the backstory. That's when I point them to the book. No one tells it like Robert Heinlein. I've always looked at graphic novels as a way to get kids to eat their meat. 

Now that my daughter is older she has become quite the artist, and she was incredibly helpful during the whole process of creating and publishing the HSSWT graphic no. I asked her what she thought of the finished book, and she said she loved it, but somehow it seemed like a different story than the one I read to her as a child. I suggested to her that she needs to reread the original book. Last night she sat with me and told me she has started rereading HSSWT and she pointed out some details that I totally missed. She's 17 years old, and we talked till 2am. This was the longest conversation I've had with her in years. It was priceless. 
You can still get a copy of the HSSWT graphic novel at VirginiaEdition.com

January 15, 2019

The Books are in!

Have Space Suit Will Travel screensaver

The books are in and they look great! So for all this week and probably the next, I'm going to be up to my armpits in book orders, shipping boxes, and packing slips.

I know I've said it before but Heinlein fans are the best! I really appreciate your patience throughout the last 2+ years and it is my sincere hope that this end product has been worth the wait.

All my best,
Eric Gignac

p.s.   If you want an additional copy of HSSWT or an HSSWT Patch, Poster or anything Heinlein just visit us at  www.heinleinbooks.com. 

July 25, 2018

Great News!

The Have Space Suit Will Travel graphic novel has finished it's last edit cycle and is now being prepped for printing. When the printing proofs have been approved I will post the schedule for the expected delivery date. Until that time I will be sending out other level rewards such as the patches, posters and COTG graphic novels. 
And on that note we have;
Some More good News!
The HSSWT eBooks are ready to be downloaded. I will be sending out the HSSWT eBook download codes to the respective reward levels this week. 
And now some even 'gooder' news?
Since I have the greatest most patient KS backers ever ...the HSSWT graphic novel will be a Hard Cover edition with additional articles and art. 

I know that many of your addresses have changed so I'm taking steps to make sure that the KS address book is up to date. I will also send out to the respective reward levels the Sponsorship pages to make sure your names are spelled correctly. 
It has been a long process and a great learning experience for which I am truly grateful for you patience and support! You can still pre-order HSSWT graphic novels at: www.heinleinbooks.com


January 17, 2017

Greetings and Happy New Years from the Have Space Suit Will Travel Team!

I apologize for the lateness of this update, but we’ve had a few hurdles to overcome since our KickStarter ended, and in focusing on the issues, I have overlooked the most important part of this effort, and that is you, our loyal supporters. Going forward I plan to post our progress more frequently. 

We are now a little over a third of the way complete on the production of HSSWT. However, even with our production team going full speed our goal for completion has been pushed back to the Fall of 2017. That being said, we plan to start sending out our additional materials, (i.e. posters, wallpaper graphics and patches) by the end of this month. I will contact you individually to let you know your package is on the way. 

 We’ve also received several emails from our KickStarter supporters letting us know that their addresses have changed. I will be updating the supporter lists continuously to make sure I have the latest address and reward levels as we move on. Also before we send out the final HSSWT graphic novels I will put out a last call for address changes .

Other emails we’ve received want to know if they can still purchase HSSWT flight patches. This was tricky since we have a very limited supply. So we’ve decided that once we’ve fulfilled the initial KS order we will post the option for additional patches on the KS page and if the demand is great enough we will make more patches.

July 10, 2016

Title Summaries of Choices

Currently the race to be the next Graphic novel stands at:

The Star Beast with 23%

Time for the Stars with 30%

and Glory Road with 49%

About the Star Beast

The Star Beast is a 1954 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein about a high school senior who discovers that his extraterrestrial pet is more than it appears to be.

Though far from cuddly and rather large, Lummox had always been obedient and docile. Except, that is, for the time it had eaten the secondhand Buick . . .
But now, all of a sudden and without explanation, Lummox had begun chomping down on a variety of things -- not least, a very mean dog and a cage of virtually indestructible steel. Incredible!
John Thomas and Lummox were soon in awfully hot water, and they didn't know how to get out. And neither one really understood just how bad things were -- or how bad the situation could get -- until some space voyagers appeared and turned a far-from-ordinary family problem into an extraordinary confrontation.

About Time for the Stars

Robert Heinlein’s Time for the Stars first published by Scribner's in 1956 is derived from a 1911 thought experiment in special relativity, commonly called the twin paradox, proposed by French physicist Paul Langevin.
Travel to other planets is now a reality, and with overpopulation stretching the resources of Earth, the necessity of finding habitable worlds is growing ever more urgent. There’s a problem though—because the spaceships are slower than light, any communication between the exploring ships and Earth would take years.

Tom and Pat are identical twin teenagers. As twins they’ve always been close, so close that it seemed like they could read each other’s minds. When they are recruited by the Long Range Foundation, the twins find out that they can, indeed, peer into each other’s thoughts. Along with other telepathic duos, they are enlisted to be the human transmitters and receivers that will keep the ships in contact with Earth. But there’s a catch: one of the twins has to stay behind—and that one will grow old—while the other explores the depths of space and returns as a young man still.

About Glory Road

Published in 1963, this is Robert A. Heinlein’s one true fantasy novel. Glory Road is as much fun today as when he wrote it after Stranger in a Strange Land. Heinlein proves himself as adept with sword and sorcery as with rockets and slide rules,

E. C. “Scar” Gordon was on the French Riviera recovering from a tour of combat in Southeast Asia, but he hadn’t given up his habit of scanning the personals in the newspaper. One ad in particular leapt out at him: "Are you a coward? This is not for you. We badly need a brave man. He must be 23 to 25 years old, in perfect health, at least six feet tall, weigh about 190 pounds, fluent English with some French, proficient with all weapons, some knowledge of engineering and mathematics essential, willing to travel, no family or emotional ties, indomitably courageous and handsome of face and figure. Permanent employment, very high pay, glorious adventure, great danger. You must apply in person, 17 rue Dante, Nice, 2me ├ętage, apt. D."

How could you not answer an ad like that, especially when it seemed to describe you perfectly? Well, except maybe for the “handsome” part, but that was in the eye of the beholder anyway. So he went to that apartment and was greeted by the most beautiful woman he’d ever met. She seemed to have many names but agreed he could call her Star. A pretty appropriate name, as it turned out, for the empress of twenty universes. And she sends him on the adventure of a lifetime.

June 11, 2016

New Sponsor Levels!

I received more than a few letters asking us if they can double up on issues. So we’ve added a new sponsor level that allows you to receive 2 copies of the completed book. Also when the campaign ends we will send out surveys that will allow you to purchase more copies if you wish. 
To sponsor us click Here
Once our goal is met we plan to launch our stretch goals. These stretch goals will offer the possibility of additional stories from the Heinlein VE collection. There will also be new sponsor levels that will allow you to expand your rewards. 

Other Levels include:
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...And if you are the Ultimate Heinlein Fan!
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June 8, 2016

Why Illustrate a Classic?

We recently received a comment on our Facebook site and I'd thought Id share it with you and include our response.

Argyre Socrates Patras writes:
While I appreciate the concept, I have to ask WHY?
One of the great things about books is that the mind's Art Department, Special Effects Department, and Casting have unlimited budgets, and are not constrained by the real world (or two dimensional paper and ink, or film). I can't imagine any graphic novel version of any Heinlein that is going to even approach the version my head built while reading (and re-reading) them.

Our Response:
Great question! We agree that most multi-media recreations of classic science fiction tales often fall short of the book reader's imagination and nostalgic recollection. Nor would we ever claim to fully capture or equal the "genius" of Heinlein's vision and imagination in our adaptation. However, one of our primary goals in this effort is to introduce Heinlein to a new generation of reader who would not otherwise be exposed to his books and writings. Many Heinlein books have fallen out of print and getting younger readers to pick up a 300-400 page book now a days can be a tall order. However, picking up a short graphic novel might be just the right introduction to recruit a new life-long Heinlein fan. We hope Heinlein book reader will also appreciate the comic versions of the classic stories, but we accept that like many modern day movie adaptations the "new" will often always pale in comparison to the "classic". Nevertheless, we still hope it brings everyone enjoyment. 

To see more questions and comments join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thorby97/


June 2, 2016

COTG Reviews

Here are some reviews for the Citizen of the Galaxy graphic novel. Granted I did ‘cherry-pick’ some of the better ones, but for the most part they we’re all pretty good. I especially loved the review we received from Pete’s Basement S8/E9. Funny and I agree with the guys that I wanted to make the graphic novel longer including more detail from the book. But we were page limited and we had to make cuts.

Graphic Policy  - Review by Pharoahmiles - Overall Rating: 9/10 Stars
Rob Lazaro and Eric Gignac have adapted this beautiful tome page by page into something that is not only as enjoyable as the original but has brought elements that readers of the original material would have never imagined. The art by Steve Erwin is at top form in this adaptation, almost harkening elements of pulp art. The team that brought this to life, know this book as intimately as many Heinlein scholars. Overall, a great adaptation that stays faithful, while highlighting the reasons why everyone who read the first time enjoyed it in the first place.

Major Spoilers  - Review by Wayne Hall - Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 

GOOD, STRONG ART - ... I particularly enjoyed the outside sequences, including the one where Thorby is flying up to Rubdek City. Good coloring and fascinating landscapes helped make me feel like I was actually there with the main character. Great work!

Off to a Great Start!!

What a great start  Not even a week yet and we are half way there! Thanks to everyone, especially our returning COTG supporters and our friends at the Heinlein Society!

I’m really excited about this campaign not just because it will help us visualize a great Heinlein story but because the fruits of this successful campaign will help bring attention the the Have Space Suit, Will Travel’  student outreach program. 

Astronaut Don Thomas heads up the HSSWT program that for years has set it’s sights on developing the next generation of space enthusiasts by encouraging students to read Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel and challenges them with lesson plans that provide discussion topics, creative writing assignments, art contests and culminates with the winning schools having a real spacesuit from the Heinlein Prize Trust visit their class or club. Following a learning activity, classes will be rewarded with a Sokol pressure suit in their school. They are allowed to touch the suit and try on the gloves. Students who participated were “extremely enthusiastic” and “thrilled to have a spacesuit to play with…” 

In the past two years the spacesuit has visited over 100 schools and was featured at a number of prestigious events and media productions with a direct audience of about 50,000 and indirect audience of millions via high profile appearances on BBC TV.  

Our HSSWT graphic novel will add another dimension to the HSSWT Program that kids of all ages can explore. The Novel will also include article by Mr. Thomas about how Heinlein inspired him to become and astronaut and his continued work to pass on Heinlein’s vision of the future.

I’m confident that we will exceed our goal. So confident that we have in place Stretch Goals that include two additional Heinlein titles that we will announce later on in this campaign. 

Again, Thanks for your support and we will see you at the finish line!

~ Eric

May 28, 2016

Special Thanks to our COTG Supporters!

Thanks to your support we have been given the green-light to seek funding for our next Heinlein title... Have Space Suit Will Travel! 
We have all the elements together for the makings of a beautifully rendered graphic novel; a great author, a great story and an awesome production team. All we need now is YOU!  
Please continue your support of our on-going campaign to reintroduce the world of Robert A. Heinlein to new generations of science fiction readers! 
Here's the list of Citizen's who made this first Novel a great success!